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Regardless of your workplace – office, shop, warehouse, restaurant – comfortable, properly fitted footwear is essential to maintaining foot health.

Appropriate footwear can protect your feet by insulating them against cold, preventing them from getting wet or by cushioning them from the impact of your job.

Casey Foot Clinic has a wide range of specialist footwear for comfort, fashion and orthotics, to compliment it’s podiatry treatment.

Casey Foot Clinic - Specialist Footwear Showcase 

Bared Footwear

Bared Footwear Logo

When fashion meets function. Designed by a Podiatrist and made in Sydney, Australia. These shoes have a flexible fit layer system and a removable footbed to accommodate wider feet.

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Dr. Comfort Footwear

Dr. Comfort Footwear Logo

This Medical Grade footwear range has been developed to fulfill a need in the market for people searching for genuine comfort with style, and choice approved by the American Podiatry Association.

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Earth Footwear

Earth Footwear Logo

The view on the treadmill never changes. That’s why Earth has designed footwear that can give you all the calorie-burning effects of an inclined treadmill without having to go to the gym.

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Orthaheel Footwear

Orthaheel Footwear Logo

Clinically proven to reduce excessive pronation, which can improve foot function and relieve associated arch, heel and ankle pain. These shoes are ideal for heel pain and planter fasciitis

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Propet Footwear

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Recommended for people that are always on their feet. Propet are lightweight yet very durable shoes, proving that therapeutic footwear can be both practical and modestly stylish.

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Steel Blue Footwear

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Premium Industrial Footwear. Steel Blue offers excellent ankle support and protection, with three layers of cushioning under areas with high levels of pressure.

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WalkOn Footwear

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Your choice of styles to fit almost any foot. Orthotic friendly footwear that can be used for plain comfort or stylish casual wear. Extra depth shoes with velcro closures and anti roll outsoles.

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