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We sell a range of Footwear:

  • Dr Comfort Shoes & Runners
  • School shoes
  • Orthaheel sandals and thongs (with specialised inbuilt arch supports)
  • Gadean, Propet, Walk On and essential footwear (custom made shoes/ medical grade footwear)

Skin & Nail care products

Scholl gel products

  • Eulactol heel balm
  • Footsmart heel conditioner
  • Shoe horns
  • Lamisil
  • Teatree Oil
  • Voltaren emul gel
  • Bunion cushion
  • Felts, tapes, paddings
  • Silipos digital toecaps
  • Toe props
  • Derma-Drate Cream
  • Party feet
  • Gel blister pads
  • Slingback pads
  • Heel grips
  • Sore spots pads
  • Scholl foot file

Footwear Products

Casey Foot Clinic has a specialty footwear range located at the Berwick clinic. There are many styles and fitting sizes to suit varying needs for women and men.

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We stock various over the counter orthoses as well as the range of custom orthoses that can be prescribed by our Podiatrists in an appointment.

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Check out our extensive range of footcare products including creams, balms, socks, shoe horns, leather care products and many more…

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